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6 Easy Summer Garden Tips

As the heat rises, here are 6 easy summer garden tips to keep your plants and trees healthy throughout the summer. 6 Easy Summer Garden Tips Prune & Deadhead- First, dead-head spent flowers on annuals,… Continue Reading

Growing Hosta

Are you planning on growing hostas? They are excellent plant choice, especially for new gardeners because they are low maintenance and a long-living plant. Choosing Hostas for Your Garden Hostas come in a wide range… Continue Reading

Creating a Butterfly Garden

The great news if you have a sunny spot, you can create a butterfly garden! Have you visited the Krohn Butterfly Show or the Cincinnati Zoo Botanical Garden’s Butterfly Garden and wished you had beautiful… Continue Reading

How to Water Plants

HOW TO WATER PLANTS The most common way to water new plants is by letting a garden hose trickle at the base of the plant, soaking the root ball.  Also, you can use stationary sprinklers… Continue Reading