How to Care for the Northern Wonder Banana

Northern Wonder Banana is an excellent Japanese Fiber Banana (Musa basjoo) selection that has shown exceptional hardiness, fast growth habit, and large size. It is easy to grow. Here are a fewNorthern Wonder Banana, Cincinnati, Ohio tips on how to care for the Northern Wonder Banana:


Northern Wonder prefers a sunny location but can grow in partial shade. Plant in well-drained soil.


Like most bananas, it enjoys a lot of water. It is nearly impossible to overwater a growing banana.


While it will grow in almost any soil, soggy ground over winter will cause it to rot and die.


Northern Wonder prefers a high-nitrogen fertilizer.

Care Tips Over Winter

After a good frost (typically around mid-November in Southern Ohio), has knocked back most of the foliage, cut back the stems to about 6″ above the ground. Add a layer of mulch about 6″ thick around the based to about 1 foot out from the farthest stems. 

When spring arrives, remove the 6-inch layer of mulch. It is best to do this early in this spring to keep the banana from beginning to grow too soon. In Southern Ohio, this is usually done in early to mid-April. 

Enjoy the tropics in Ohio with the Northern Wonder Banana. If you have additional questions, ask our experts!