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Kale Recipe

Simple and Delicious Kale Recipe by Rita Heikenfeld Simmer chopped kale in olive oil and garlic and a bit of red pepper flakes with just the moisture that remains attached to the leaves after washing.… Continue Reading

Planting Herbs for Salads

Plate of Healthy Classic Caprese Salad with Mozarella Cheese, Tomatoes and Basil I am so happy spring is officially here and our newsletter begins in earnest! Thinking about the huge variety of herbs we carry… Continue Reading


BORAGE If you love cucumber, but your tummy doesn’t, try the companion herb that has a cucumber flavor: Borage. This sun-loving annual or biennial (depending upon the climate) grows so vigorously that, at maturity, it… Continue Reading

Candied Jalapeno Peppers

Yardboy, this is one recipe I couldn’t wait to share. My neighbor, Erin, shared this which is one of the most popular recipes trending right now. The jalapeno pepper plants I have from Natorp’s are… Continue Reading

Lemon Balm

I found a patch of lemon balm growing where it shouldn’t: near the base of our window well on the north side of the house. That’s typical, though, members of the mint family, like lemon… Continue Reading

Summer Peach Cobbler

Well, the peach trucks have arrived in our area and it’s time for one of your favorites, Yardboy: Peach Cobbler!  Using freestone peaches (the peach releases easily from the pit) makes this an easy, perfect,… Continue Reading


How many mints make a mint “medley”? Well, at Natorp’s, we have classic peppermint and spearmint, along with, take a breath here….chocolate, lemon, pineapple, apple, Mojito, lime, grapefruit and orange. But that’s not the whole… Continue Reading