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Fall Gardening Tips

Fall Gardening Tips It’s Fall in Cincinnati, Here are your answers to the most common fall gardening questions that are coming to our horticulturalists. How long should I be watering my plants? As you go… Continue Reading

How to Water Plants

HOW TO WATER PLANTS The most common way to water new plants is by letting a garden hose trickle at the base of the plant, soaking the root ball.  Also, you can use stationary sprinklers… Continue Reading

6 Best Trees for Fall Color

6 Best Trees for Fall Color Fall is Here!  As you take a drive through Cincinnati, any nature lover becomes a bit mesmerized by the cornucopia of autumn-hued foliage painting the landscape. We wanted to… Continue Reading

Why Plant in the Fall?

Why Plant in the Fall? Fall is a great time to plant for many reasons. The main reason is plants are shutting down their tops for the season and getting ready for winter. During this… Continue Reading

11 Summer Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips Since summer is the time for relaxing, we want to make summer gardening simple with some easy tips. 11 Summer Gardening Tips First, dead-head spent flowers on annuals, perennials, rose, etc. to encourage… Continue Reading