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Sunflower Field

Each year, Natorp’s plants a sunflower field for the community to enjoy, and we are thankful to all that share their photos and appreciation. Also, we are grateful for the farmer who owns the land… Continue Reading

Summer Watering Tips

In this week of Cincinnati Gardening Made Simple, we address that it is HOT! and share some important summer watering tips to keep your plant looking great. During the heat, you need to make sure… Continue Reading

Growing Hosta

Are you planning on growing hostas? They are excellent plant choice, especially for new gardeners because they are low maintenance and a long-living plant. Choosing Hostas for Your Garden Hostas come in a wide range… Continue Reading

How to Care for Hydrangeas

Are you wondering, How to Care for your Hydrangea? Natorp’s hydrangea growers provide their expert advice from growing over thirty different types of hydrangeas in Cincinnati soils. Sunlight  Most will do best in morning sun… Continue Reading

Spring Container Gardening

Spring means spring container gardening. I like to say, if it grows in the ground it will grow in a container. This week making Cincinnati gardening simple, we are answering your spring container gardening questions. “Where… Continue Reading