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Spring Container Gardening

Spring means spring container gardening. I like to say, if it grows in the ground it will grow in a container. This week making Cincinnati gardening simple, we are answering your spring container gardening questions. “Where… Continue Reading

Dragon Wing Begonia

Dragon Wing Begonia: A Must-Have Annual for the Garden What is my go-to annual for the Cincinnati garden? Each season, I find one my favorite, go-to annuals is the Dragon Wing Begonia. It is an… Continue Reading


Horseradish Horseradish has many health-giving qualities. It’s antibiotic and has vitamin C and calcium. A member of the mustard family (sharing lineage with its gentler cousins, kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and the common radish) it… Continue Reading

Kids Gardening Ideas

Kids Gardening Ideas Are you looking for ideas to get your kids involved in gardening? The easiest way is through container gardening. What are plant experts’ suggestions for gardening with kids? Container gardening is a… Continue Reading

Lavender in the Garden

Growing Lavender in the Garden If there’s one herb that evokes feelings of serenity, it’s lavender. On Natorp’s Nursery, there are twelve types growing for the garden! It is a lovely plant in the ground… Continue Reading

Itoh Peony

Introducing a New Twist on a Class: The Itoh Peony The Itoh Peony is a new twist on an old fashion perennial favorite from the Victorian era.  Itoh Peonies are known as an ‘intersectional Peony,’… Continue Reading