Craig Natorp

Vice President

Craig Natorp, Vice President

Mason, Ohio Landscape Designer Craig Natorp

Growing a Legacy of Great Landscape Design

Craig Natorp leads his award-winning landscape design team, carrying on a tradition that began in 1916 with his great-grandfather William. For over a century, Natorp’s landscape design has transformed Cincinnati into a city known for its stunning landscapes and gardens.

Growing up, Craig was drawn to the family business, learning about horticulture by tagging along with his father, Ken, through the vast plant nursery. These early experiences cultivated his passion for plants and design.

After completing his studies at The Ohio State University, Craig returned home to deepen his understanding of the family business. He took on multiple roles, working in the nursery and apprenticing in landscape design. This hands-on approach provided him with a unique perspective on creating landscapes that not only look beautiful but also thrive in Cincinnati’s climate. Craig’s expertise in selecting the right plants ensures that each design is both sustainable and visually striking.

As a leader, Craig guides his team with a focus on perfectionism and client satisfaction. He believes that a well-designed landscape should reflect the client’s personality and style, emphasizing the process as much as the final product. His commitment to creating timeless designs means that his work endures, providing beauty and enjoyment for years to come.

Craig’s vision for landscape design extends beyond just aesthetics. He aims to create environments that grow and adapt, much like the family legacy he’s carrying forward. If you’d like to discuss your landscape needs, you can reach Craig at (513) 398-4769 ext. 1100 or email him at