“Natorp’s design and landscape work are exceptional, and their customer service is outstanding. I am a very satisfied longtime client”.-Lyn Small

Garden Landscape Design Services

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It can be challenging to visualize the possibilities of your garden. Where you should put features and plants for the best overall effect? It is our landscape designer’s role to help you do just that. From start to finish, your landscape designer will listen, take your ideas and combine them with their design expertise to exceed your expectations.

Natorp’s believes most importantly that great landscape design should:

  • Reflect the owner’s taste and needs
  • Mirror and complement the home’s exterior and interior
  • Balance style and function

Preferences and Challenges
An essential element of a successful design is one that reflects your personal preferences.

Let your designer know:

  • What are your favorite colors?
  • What are your favorite plants?
  • How much time do you prefer to spend in the garden?
  • What style of landscape do you prefer? (Formal, Natural, Water Gardens, etc.)
  • Is there a view you would like to screen?
  • Are there any areas you would like to preserve?
  • What areas stay wet or possibly extremely dry?
  • What is your present or future budget?

Landscape Design Services and Process

  • An initial design that represents your preferences, home, and budget.
  • After getting your feedback, a Master Plan is designed for your project.
  • Preparation of any needed construction documents and startup for your project.
  • Your designer will coordinate and oversee your project through completion.

For each project, Natorp’s goal is to deliver exceptional design and superior customer service. As a result, Natorp’s has designed landscapes for over one hundred years.

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