Landscape Design Process

Imagine a beautiful landscape and garden. It's waiting for you.

Award-Winning Cincinnati Landscape Design

Why choose Natorp’s as your premier destination for Cincinnati landscape design? With a century-long legacy, we specialize in crafting stunning landscapes and gardens while deliveringlandscape design, loveland, ohio unparalleled customer service.

We understand the challenge of envisioning your garden’s full potential. Deciding on the ideal placement of plants for maximum impact can be daunting. But fear not—our team of expert landscape designers is here to provide precise guidance.

From the initial concept to the final touches, your dedicated landscape designer will carefully integrate your vision with their extensive design and plant expertise. Our ultimate goal is not merely to meet but to exceed your expectations.

At Natorp’s, we believe exceptional landscape design should:

  • Reflect the owner’s unique taste and needs
  • Complement and enhance the home’s exterior and interior
  • Achieve a harmonious balance between style and function
  • Incorporate your personal preferences

An integral aspect of achieving a successful design lies in understanding and reflecting your individual preferences. Consider the following:

  • Your favorite colors
  • Preferred plant selections
  • Desired amount of time to spend in the garden
  • Landscape style preferences (formal, natural, water gardens, etc.)
  • Views to preserve or screen
  • Areas of your landscape prone to wetness or extreme dryness
  • Present and future budget considerations

Our Landscape Design Process

  1. Initial Design: Our expert designers will craft an initial design tailored to your preferences, home, and budget.
  2. Master Plan: Upon receiving your feedback, we will develop a comprehensive Master Plan for your project.
  3. Construction Documents: We will prepare any necessary construction documents and launch your project.
  4. Project Oversight: Our dedicated team will oversee your project from start to finish, ensuring every detail is executed to perfection.

At Natorp’s, our commitment is to deliver exceptional design and superior customer service with every project.

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