Frequently Asked Questions

Natorp’s Frequently Asked Questionsfrequently asked questions- garden photo

Our answers to your frequently asked questions.

When is Natorp’s open to the public?

Natorp’s Nursery Outlet is open to the public during the spring and fall planting season. Our dates and hours vary. Click Here for Current Dates and Times.  You can order trees and plants online anytime with curbside nursery pick up, Click Here.

What is Natorp’s Guarantee?

Natorp’s plant guarantee is that all plant material will be the best available, true to name, up to grade, in a healthy growing condition, and perform to your satisfaction provided proper planting and care. The plant guarantee is if your plant dies within one year from the original purchase date, we will replace it with another plant or issue a replacement credit. Learn More

Do you offer delivery and installation?

Yes! Our plant delivery and installation services are available Monday through Friday. Delivery rates are based on locations. To learn more, Click Here!

How do I get a replacement for a dead plant?

Bring your dead plant (shake soil off roots) and receipt to the Nursery Outlet Store. For plants too large to be transported, bring the receipt and a picture or piece of the dead plant. Nursery Outlet Store closed? Call (513) 398-4769 or email Our horticulturalists will take care of your replacement.

Are Dogs allowed at Natorp’s Outlet?

Natorp’s welcomes well-behaved dogs. For the safety of pets, pet parents, and our other customers, all dogs must be closely monitored and remain on leash during your visit.

When Natorp’s is closed, what if I need plants or replacements?

If you need to order plants, you can always order online and pick them up at the nursery, Click Here. If you need a replacement, please contact us at (513) 398-4769 or email

Is there a discount for quantity purchases?

Natorp’s club members already receive wholesale prices. For that reason, there are no additional discounts.

How do I get my Natorp’s club discount for online orders?

When you log in to Natorp’s online, you view as a member and see club prices on plants. Have a question about Natorp’s Nursery Online? Click Here

Do you still have a question? Contact our horticulturalists or call (513)398-4769.