How to Create a Container Garden

This week, we answer, “How to Create a Container Garden?”

How to Create a Container Garden, Cincinnati, OhioContainer Gardening is a perfect way to bring versatility and beauty to your home. What can you grow in a container? Just about anything. Plant your edibles, annuals, perennials, and even small trees. And it’s easy!

4 Easy Steps to How to Create a Container Garden


When you are selecting a container to be sure to keep in mind the two most important things, size, and drainage, you want a container that is large enough to support the root system of your plants. And a container with excellent drainage holes.
*Special Tip: Do not add gravel to assist in drainage. It will only add weight to your container.


Use a top-grade potting mix.  These mixes are what the professionals use and typically include sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite, with occasionally blending in a small % of coir or very fine pine bark.  Feel free to add these to your potting mixes.  And remember, you can reuse the soil mixes year after year.


Use a slow-release fertilizer (such as Osmocote) for slow all-season feeding.  Then supplement additional feedings as needed with Miracle-Gro, Fish Emulsion, or fertilizer of your choice. Feed as needed depending on what you are growing in your containers.


One secret to watering is having a professional watering wand-like those from Dramm.  Help reduce your overall watering by as much as 50% by simply adding Soil Moist to your potting mix.  These tiny polymers will last 2 seasons and actually absorb water when you are watering, swelling up to as much as 200 times the original size.  When the soil dries, Soil Moist releases water back into the mix, which reduces watering time.   (eliminate aqua cones)

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