Plant Guarantee

Plant GuaranteePlant Guarantee in Cincinnati, Ohio

Natorp’s plant guarantee is that all plant material will be the best available, true to name, up to grade, in a healthy growing condition, and perform to your satisfaction provided proper planting and care.

The plant guarantee is if your plant dies within one year from the original purchase date, we will replace it with another plant or issue a replacement credit.

Save your plants

Be a successful gardener; if you suspect a problem with our plants or products, let us know. Our horticulturalists can solve plant problems early so your plants perform to your expectations.

We cannot be responsible for plant damage or death beyond our control (improper planting, over/under watering, plants in containers, pest or disease damages, extreme weather conditions) or for non-hardy plants (annuals, tropical plants, tender bulbs, etc). But we will do our best to guarantee your gardening success.

Nursery Outlet Store Replacements

Bring your dead plant (shake soil off roots) and receipt to the Nursery Outlet Store. For plants too large to be transported, bring the receipt and a picture or piece of the dead plant. Nursery Outlet Store closed? Call (513) 398-4769 or email Our horticulturalists will take care of your replacement.