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We have your garden answers.

Natorp's horticulturalists will answer your garden questions.

Natorp’s plant club members receive complimentary garden services including their own horticulturalist and our in-house design team.  So, as a member, your horticulturalist can answer all your garden and plant questions. 

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Garden Services: On Call Horticulturalists

Experience garden services like no other.  We love to talk about plants. Call or email one of our horticulturalists to get their expert gardening advice.

An expert at our gardening services near West Chester, OHTina Hines, Horticulturalist

Contact Tina (513) 283-3091 or email

Tina brings charm, humor, and a passion for plants. An avid gardener, she will quickly put you at ease. Because she loves plants, you will be blown away by her knowledge. She can take your ideas and budget and turn your house into the most beautiful on the block. 



An expert at our gardening services near West Chester, OHAlan Cohen, Horticulturalist

Contact Alan (513) 283-3511 or email

Alan has a way of taking a sometimes overwhelming situation and turning it into something fun.  Most importantly, he delights in those small details that help his customers put their own stamp on their garden. For instance, from finding key essentials plants to the final touches, he works with his customers to help them grow a healthy, beautiful yard.

An expert at our gardening services near West Chester, OH Sherree Wilson, Horticulturalist

Contact Sherree (513) 515-2579 or email

Sherrie helps her customers create warm and inviting outdoor spaces that highlight their personalities and passions. With a belief that every customer deserves superior service, she helps choose plants for the garden that reflect their taste and budget. In short, she has practical solutions and beautiful results.


An expert at our gardening services near West Chester, OHDave Couch, Horticulturalist

Contact: Dave (513) 515-2494

Above all, Dave believes his customer’s outdoor environments should nurture, inspire and grow with them.  In addition, he is a great listener. He will help you achieve what you are looking to create in your garden. So, if your yard already looks great, he knows precisely the plants to recommend to make it look spectacular.