How to Control Moles in Cincinnati, Ohio

This week, we answer, “How to Control Moles in the Garden?”

Moles are one of the most common and most frustrating lawns and garden pest problems.  With that in mind before deciding what your game plant is take the time to visit the website of our local mole expert, Mr. Tom Schmidt .  You may choose to live with them or try your hand at removing them from your garden.

Several Ways to Control Moles

Mole Controls

Forget the poison peanuts, the gopher gassers, the Juicy Fruit Gum, and all the other home remedies.  The only sure cure way to get rid of the current mole invasion in your yard is to either trap the moles (using one or several of the many types of mole traps – scissor, harpoon, choker) or physically remove them by digging them out of their runs.  Spring and fall are the best times to trap, although it can be done anytime.  But these means of control are the ONLY sure cures for the current moles in your yard.  We say “current” as new moles may move in after the old mole’s scents wear off!

Mole Repellents

If you do not want to trap or remove the moles, repellents (castor oil-based) are available for you to try.  Results from the use of these products will vary, and remember that the results are not reducing mole populations, but merely moving them to another location, leaving them to dig and reproduce elsewhere.  Products include Mole Max, MoleScram, and the infamous noisemaker ‘Sonic Chaser’.  (Results may vary – trapping or physical removal are the only ‘sure’ cures for existing moles.)

Mole Poisons

There is an injectable/ingestible poison available, Moletox Baited Gel, which is injected into the active runs.  It is safe to use if you have cats or dogs.  Again, results may vary greatly.  The new one is Talpirid, but again, it must be placed in active runs and results will vary. Trapping or physical removal is still the only sure cures for the existing moles in your yard.

Ma Wilson’s Mole Elimination

Look for existing tunnels in the morning.  At one end, insert a garden hose and turn on the water.  If a mole is in the tunnel, it will surface to get out of the flooded tunnel.  Which, of course, gives you the chance to eliminate it.  Be quick – they will re-enter the soil within seconds!  But this method has and still proves to be effective.

 [Resources include OSU Extension and Tom Schmidt,] 

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