In-Store Design Services

AskOurExpertsDesignBobHirthMeet In-Store Designer Bob Hirth

Are you feeling design challenged? Bob is your answer. For over 30 years, Bob has been solving design dilemmas. Bob loves people and loves solving problems.He finds out your vision and provides creative solutions to bring it to reality. Every last detail will be carefully considered giving his customers the best possible solution. He understands no situation is alike and provides you with a space you are proud to show off! Visit Bob to get a FREE Quick Sketch of one area of your yard. (Make sure to bring photos). Bob also does complete landscape redesigns.

AskOurExpertsDesignSharonMeet Container Garden Designer Sharon Hennies

Sharon is known for creating exceptional and innovative container garden designs. With creativity and a seemingly unlimited plant knowledge, she combines her wealth of experience and creative eye to design the perfect container garden for your home. Visit Sharon and bring in your container or purchase one of ours and let Sharon create something incredible for your home.