Garden Design Services

Did you know Natorp’s offers complimentary garden design services? We know design can be a challenge, so we give you a landscape and container garden expert. Visit our talented to designers that will help you grow one of Cincinnati’s beautiful gardens.

AskOurExpertsDesignBobHirthMeet In-Store Designer, Bob Hirth

Get a Free Quick Sketch of one area of your yard! For those feeling design challenged, Bob is your answer. With 30 years of experience, he is a talented landscape designer that understands how to solve design dilemmas beautifully. Visit the In-Store Design Center!  Make sure to take photos of your area.


AskOurExpertsDesignSharonMeet Container Garden Designer,        Sharon Hennies

Get beautiful patio pots and welcoming container garden designs. Natorp’s offers a free design service with our talented designer Sharon. She with her clients to choose the perfect plants for creation that will enhance your home. Bring in your existing pots or container or purchase one.