Delivery Services

Available Monday through Friday

When will my plants be delivered?

Your delivery date will be scheduled at the time of your plant purchase. The delivery date is typically within two weeks from your purchase date.

How are fees established?

The fees are based on your zip code (minimum of $50). Special deliveries are calculated if outside our typical delivery radius.

Delivery fee is for one plant or an entire delivery truck (load) to one drop. Additional fees will be added for more than one truck delivery.

Where will my plants be delivered?

Deliveries are typically dropped off in the driveway.

Larger plants/ Larger trees / evergreens will be placed next to the flag designating planting location of that plant (assuming proper access to the planting site). Sorry, plants will not be placed into pre-dug holes.
Larger trees may be placed lying on the ground to help prevent blow-over and damage to the tree branches.

For more information, visit or call our horticulturalists at (513) 398-4769.

Installations Services

What does installation fee include?

Installation fees include delivery, plant installation (soil amendments, root stimulant, mulch) and staking of trees if needed.

What are the fees for installation?

Fees are calculated based on size of plant container, size of root ball, tree height / trunk diameter, etc.  The fee includes: delivery, plant installation (soil amendments, starter fertilizer, mulch), and staking of trees if needed).


  • Minimum installation fee is $130.
  • Installation fees are discounted for planting of multiple trees on one location.

When will my plants be installed?

  • Our scheduler will call you to schedule a planting date within one week.
  • Installation usually occurs within one month of plant purchase, depending on time of the year / sales / weather.
  • Larger trees that are to be dug from the fields (3” dia. or larger / 10 -12’ or taller) will be installed November or December.
  • Installation fees are included in our plant guarantee if plants should die and need replacement


Do I need to mark utilities?

No. Natorp’s will call 811 to have utilities marked before installations are performed.