How to Mulch A New Tree

How to Mulch A New Tree

Once you have planted your new tree, it is time to get it off to a great start by applying mulch. Did you know by improperly applying it, you can damage your new tree. We asked Natorp’s garden expert, Ron Wilson, to share his tips.

3 Important Reason To Mulch Your Need Tree

1.Protects Your Tree from Extreme Temperatures

It creates protection from our sometimes extreme summer and winter temperatures. 

2. Helps Maintains Moisture

It helps reduce moisture loss caused by sun, evaporation, and wind. It allows for less watering. 

3. Prevents Weeds

By covering the soil with mulch, you deprive weed seeds of the light they need to germinate. 

Watch Ron’s tips and get your tree off to the best start!

How to Mulch Trees, Cincinnati, Ohio








  • Once you have finished planting, you should place one to three inches of good quality mulch on top of the planting area and the top root ball of your tree.
  • When applying, make certain it is not placed against the trunk.
  • The mulched area should resemble a doughnut around the plant.

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