Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs

Find the perfect vegetables, fruits, and herbs for your garden by exploring Cincinnati’s largest collection. At Natorp’s, we are foodies and love plants. So, imagine our collection of edible plants! We invite you to experience Cincinnati’s largest collection of edible plants for the garden!

Imagine over 150 kinds of herbs, over 100 kinds of tomatoes and over 75 types of peppers!

We love finding great heirloom tomatoes, but, we also love delicious herbs and the latest hot peppers for the garden.

Vegetables Fruits and Herbs in West Chester, Ohio

There are so many great edible plants available to gardeners. Whether you plant them in the ground or in a pot, bring great food right to your backyard.

Vegetable, Fruits, and Herbs!

Vegetable Plant Collection

Discover Cincinnati’s largest vegetable plant collection including Asian greens, collards, cucumbers, and more.

Pepper Plant Collection

From the world’s latest hot pepper to sweet bell peppers, you will find over 75 types of peppers to add to your garden.

See our Peppers!

Tomato Plant Collection

Are you looking for something new in the world of tomatoes?  Natorp’s grows over 100 types of tomatoes for the garden.

Natorp’s grows Cincinnati’s largest selection of herbs. Come experience over one hundred types of herbs for the garden!

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Fruit Plant Collection

Find the perfect fruits for the garden! We have a great selection of fruit trees and bushes that are perfect for the ground or containers.

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Cincinnati Gardening Made Simple! Have a vegetable gardening question? Ask our plant experts!