Garden Design Services

Garden design can the most challenging aspect of gardening.  So, we make it easy with complimentary Garden and Landscape Design Services.

Garden Design Services in Loveland, Ohio and surrounding areasGarden and Landscape Design

Design challenged? Let our designer help create your dream garden and landscape. Our designer will give you suggestions for the best plants for your yard and will even create a FREE Quick Sketch of one area of your landscape.

How to Get a Quick Sketch Landscape Design? 

While the in-store design center is temporarily closed, our designers are still available for design help.

If you could please answer the questions below and email your information with photos to

  • What are the dimensions of the specific area of yard?
  • What are (if any) plant preferences?
  • What plants would you not like in your design?
  • What is the sun exposure of the area? (NSEW)
  • Include photos of the specific area in your email.
  • Email to

What happens after your information is received?

Natorp’s landscape designer will email the Quick Sketch Design of your yard that includes the specific plant suggestions. You can purchase your plant in-store or online.

What if you have a large area that needs design help?

For over 100 years, Natorp’s has designed Cincinnati’s garden and landscape. We have an award winning team to assist you with creating a beautiful landscape. Call (513) 398-4769 or click here to schedule an appointment!


Container Garden Design Services serving Cincinnati, OhioContainer Garden Services

Meet Sharon Hennies, Container Garden Designer

Sharon has always been design-oriented. She has a love of shape, color, and texture that eventually led her to flowers and plants.

A wonderful listener, Sharon helps customers find the right plants for their pots and containers or creates the most wonderful designs for you. You simply bring in your pot or purchase one from our pottery selection. The design fee is free to our customers.  Need help, visit Sharon!