Tony Fede

Tony Fede, Landscape Designer graduated from Cincinnati State with degrees in Landscape Horticulture, Landscape Designer serving Loveland, Ohio and surrounding areasustainable Horticulture, and a Certificate in Landscape Design. After that, he began to combine his innate creative talents and passion for horticulture into beautiful and functional landscape designs.

Landscape Designer Philosophy

Tony works with clients from conception to access their specific landscape needs. He delivers a landscape design that represents his extensive knowledge and the client’s style. As a result, the client receives a landscape they will enjoy for years to come. 

In his spare time, Tony enjoys gardening with ornamental plants and vegetables. He is always trying new ideas and old favorites. Consequently, these hobbies help him gain firsthand knowledge and expertise working with plants and perfecting his aesthetic advice. 

Lastly, whether you need a low maintenance alternative to your current landscape or a new outdoor space to entertain, Tony will use his skills to help make your dream landscape a reality.

Learn more about the landscape process. Contact: Tony Fede @