Tom Fryman, Landscape Designer

Tom Fryman

Landscape Designer in Cincinnati, Ohio

Tom Fryman, Landscape Designer’s philosophy began on his family farm in Oxford, Ohio. With a nature-loving parent, he spent his childhood admiring the wildflowers and catching crawdads in the family’s creek.  So, an innate love of nature has defined Tom’s life and shaped his design philosophy.

His creative garden and landscape designs reflect his belief that design can be both sensitive to nature and beautiful to behold. That is to say, his passion for sustainable design shapes his vision. He integrates homes into their natural surroundings and often incorporates native plants into his landscape design plans.

When Tom is not designing beautiful landscapes, he is promoting responsible landscape design through his writings for gardening publications and passing the message on to future generations. “I believe it is part of our responsibility in life to be stewards of the land.” 

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