A Common Question, here in Cincinnati, “How to Save Your Emerald Ash Tree”?

Our Emerald Ash Borer experts will visit your home and discuss how to save your ash tree. The consultation is FREE. Let our experts save your Ash Tree

What will happen during the consultation?Emerald Ash Borer in Ash Tree in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Identify all Ash trees and help determine the trees’ overall health
  • Help discuss which trees are best to save
  • Help compare treatment costs to tree removal and replacement

What is an Emerald Ash Borer?

A non-native beetle, metallic wood-borer family, that have invaded North America and is threatening to infect and destroy all Ash trees. In Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, tens of millions of Ash Trees have been lost. But, there is hope.

If you wish to save your ash trees, you need to take action now. In early spring or late fall, you want to treat your trees.

How can my ash tree be saved?

You want to protect your tree with systemic insecticide treatment taken up inside the tree. Natorp’s recommendations:

  • For Smaller Ash Trees 8″ diameter or smaller (measured 48 inches above soil level)- You can treat your Ash trees yourself by applying a soil drench systemic insecticide containing ‘Imidacloprid’ yearly in Spring. Products for treating are available at Natorp’s Nursery Outlet include Optrol (a new product with more active ingredients for protecting Ash trees).
  • For Larger Ash trees / Trunk-Injected Systemic: For Ash trees larger than 5-inch trunk diameter (measured 48 inches above soil level), Natorp’s recommends trunk injections TREE-age (emamecting benzoate). Research shows this is the most effective treatment for control of EAB and is the only product that provides two years of control with a single application. TREE-age is injected directly into the trunk of the tree. Then, it is absorbed then transported with the tree to provide EAB protection. 
  • After the trees have leafed out and are actively growing, the injection occurs. Depending on weather typically mid-May, Natorp’s fully-trained professionally licensed applicators make injections.
  • Researchers feel that once the EAB has gone through an area and the Ash trees not protected are dead. The EAB population will quickly drop with no food source. The pressure on the remaining Ash trees will be reduced along with treatments.

What is the cost of treatment for trees?

With the use of the Tree-age injection, the cost is $12 per diameter inch, with a minimum charge of $125. 

Five or more ash trees $10 per diameter inch trunk diameter. 

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