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If you love cucumber, but your tummy doesn’t, try the companion herb that has a cucumber flavor: Borage. Growing This sun loving annual or biennial (depending upon the climate) grows so vigorously that, at maturity,… Continue Reading


If there’s one herb that evokes feelings of serenity, it’s lavender. At Natorp’s we have several varieties to choose from!  Lavender makes a lovely container herb.   Like rosemary, lavender doesn’t like wet feet but this… Continue Reading


Tabbouleh Recipe The most important ingredient is fresh parsley, and we have both the Italian flat leaf and the curly leaf parsley. Both are biennial, meaning they complete their life cycles in two years. The… Continue Reading


Cilantro is the one herb that I know of that is a spice, too. The leaves are called cilantro and the seed is called Coriander. They can’t be used interchangeably though.   I like using ground… Continue Reading


Horseradish has many health giving qualities. It’s antibiotic and has vitamin C and calcium. A member of the mustard family (sharing lineage with its gentler cousins, kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and the common radish) it… Continue Reading