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Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Gardening Questions – Cincinnati gardeners love their veggies. Here are some common vegetable gardening questions and answers. “What vegetables can you plant in Cincinnati in early Spring?” As long as the soil is workable… Continue Reading

Why are my plants not blooming?

“Why are my plants not blooming?”  A common garden question, “Why are my plants not blooming?” You purchased your plant for its beautiful blooms, then they went away. Our expert growers are sharing their tips… Continue Reading

Ask a Garden Question

This week, you asked a garden question and our experts are providing your garden answers Ask a Garden Question “How do I stop those awful suckers my trees are sending up around the base of… Continue Reading

Caring for Roses

Growing a collection of 90 kinds of roses, our rose growers understand how to grow healthy roses. This week, Natorp’s Rose experts are answering your questions on caring for Roses. Rose Garden Questions “My rose’s… Continue Reading

Tomato Questions and Answers

In Cincinnati, we love tomato gardening. At Natorp’s we grow over one hundred kinds of tomatoes for the garden. Here are your tomato questions and answers: “When is a good time to feed tomatoes and… Continue Reading

Edible Gardening

This week, we are answering your edible gardening questions from fruit trees to tomatoes. “What are the citrus plants growing at the Outlet?”  We have a great selection of citrus plants that are perfect for… Continue Reading