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Green Velvet Boxwood


Buxus hybrid 'Green Velvet'
Velvet Boxwood is a handsome, rounded, full-bodied, slow-growing shrub with small dark green leaves. Like most modern cultivars, it is a hybrid of Korean Boxwood (for hardiness and compactness) and Common Boxwood (for excellent leaf color in both summer and winter). During late winter the leaf color is best described as dark green with a bronze hue. The noticeable but not showy flowers are cream-colored inflorescences occurring in late April and early May on established plants. The flowers are somewhat fragrant and usually attract bees. Green Velvet Boxwood can be used individually or in clusters and is commonly used as a hedge or foundation planting. It is easily shearable into different shapes.

Green Velvet like most Boxwood is traditionally planted in shady sites. However, it is very tolerant of sunny locations as long as it receives sufficient moisture. It will slowly grow to 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide. 


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