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Landscape Design Kit

Designed for You! We design it. You plant it.

Our landscape designers create a beautiful landscape design for a specific area in your yard transforming it into the view you have always wanted! Our main purpose is to assist you in landscaping your yard, or a specific part of your yard, by offering our professional landscape design services to you, the "Do-it-Yourselfer." Our design professionals will help design whatever specific area of your yard you would like to work on first. We will design one area at a time, so that we may give special attention to that site. It's very important to pay attention to details as you describe the specific area to be designed. The more accurate you are with details, measurements, site information, and letting us know what you would like to achieve, the better job we can do providing you with a landscape design. The fee for this service is $50.

The fee for this service is $50.Map
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