Why Natorps

Join our Plant Lover's Club at Natorp's Nursery Outlet

Welcome to Natorp's Plant Lover's Club! (All Preferred Gardeners are automically enrolled.)

You will receive: 

Plant Lover's Special Plant Prices - Members will receive discounted pricing on plants sold at the Natorp's Nursery Outlet Store.

Plant Lover's Plant Guide(s) - Members will receive Natorp's Plant Guide twice each year, Spring and Fall Planting Seasons, filled with great plant selections, pictures, plant information, workshop schedules, and a lot more. (Guides are mailed.)

Personal Horticulturalist - Members will receive their Nursery Outlet horticulturalist's cell phone number and email address for constant gardening contact.

Exclusive Member Mailers - Announcing member only plant specials, special shopping dates, Nursery Outlet information, events, etc.

Timely e-mailed information- Gardening tips, special events, dates, etc. NOTE: Make sure your email address is current in our system to assure you will receive this information.

Garden Talks-We have guest speakers for your next meeting to talk about gardening. Contact Ron Wilson (513) 398-4769.

Gold Level Membership Benefits* - Gold Level Members will receive special discounted rates on fees for Natorp's Nursery Outlet services. Begins Spring 2013. Watch for details!


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