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Our Story

A Seed was Planted

Nearly a century ago, William A. Natorp, a young horticulturalist traveled from Germany to Cincinnati and planted a seed by placing an advertisement in a Cincinnati Florist Window for landscape services. Natorp’s became a household name in Cincinnati by having a passion for plants, gardeners and breathtaking garden design. Four generations later, our family is still planting seeds.

What makes us different? Our Plants and People.

Our quality of plants are a product of the  culmination of talented growers and a family tradition of growing plants in the local soils and climate for nearly a century.  Our customers expect quality because we have delivered it for 99 years.

We are  passionate about sharing the world of plants with our customers.

We are always looking to improve the way we do things. Three years ago, we decided it was time to open our four hundred acre nursery to the public. Our customers would have an experience like no other buying their plants where they were actually grown. And, access to our horticulturalists, growers, and designers.

A new experience for Cincinnnati Gardeners! We are not a garden store. We are so much more!